How to clean your upholstery at home?


We all lay a lot of emphasis on buying the right furniture. Thus we put in a lot of time and effort in buying good furniture. But with the passage of time, the upholstery loses its look and becomes dirty. Then we have to spend a ton to get it cleaned by professionals. This is an ongoing process. But it will be a lot easier and quicker and even more economical to clean the upholstery at home. Just a few tips and steps will help you achieve the task easily and effectively. cleaners toronto

The first and the most important thing is that you should make it a part of your routine to clean the upholstery atleast one a month. This will prevent the dust and stains to set in and regular cleaning will allow your furniture to look good. This will also prevent damage of fabric irreparably. Dust, grime and particles settle on the upholstery regularly, just as they do on other surfaces like floor, carpets and tables. This dust should be removed from upholstered furniture by various methods like brushing or vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner can be fitted with tools like an upholstery nozzle or crevice tool for effective cleaning. For those who do not have a vacuum cleaner, using a simple brush meant for cleaning upholstery will help. However, a brush will spread the dust in all directions making the cleaning task tough. The same process should be followed for the cushions. The entire piece of furniture like the back, along with the sides should be cleaned.

The areas of upholstery which gather the most grime are the arm rest and the headrest. These become most soiled with stuff like grease, oil or dirt. Gradually, they will loose their colour or become visibly dark and dirty. The best way to keep them clean is to use covers to protect the arm rest and headrest. These covers can be washed regularly or even replaced with time.

Sometimes, simple vacuuming or brushing is not enough. You may have to use shampoos or detergents to clean the upholstery. This is especially true if the upholstery gets stained. Although detergents used by professionals are available in the market in plenty, you may use a homemade solution for cleaning. The detergents are mixed with warm water. The solution is whipped up nicely by hand or with a mixer. This solution is applied to the stained area or the whole upholstery with a soft brush. The affected area is then scrubbed gently. You should allow the upholstery to dry post this process. It is better to shampoo a part of the upholstery at a time and repeat the process for the rest of the area once the first part has been cleaned. Allow the upholstery to dry before use. maid bunch house cleaning

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